Superior Strength and High Quality Products

Box Culvert System

Stronger, Smarter, More Cost-Effective Solutions

Feed & Water Troughs made to handle any harsh Australian weather and rough treatment from stock.

Innovative, Engineered, All-Purpose Designs

Panels that can be implemented in a wide array of uses


Agricultural Products

Vikon understands the requirements of the local agricultural industry because we work where we live - in the farming heartland of East Gippsland. We supply products for a number of agricultural suppliers and consumers.

You will find our Agricultural Precast products on many farms and agricultural producers all across Victoria.

Civil Precast Products

Vikon’s civil and construction products are high quality engineered solutions for projects of any size. Our variety of precast products can suit numerous applications and we can also manufacture custom products according to your requirements.

You’ll find our products such as precast pipes, culverts, retaining walls and more already in use on projects all across Victoria.

Welcome to Vikon Precast – Concrete Product Manufacturers

Vikon Precast is a Victorian owned and operated concrete manufacturer, supplying high quality precast and custom made concrete products throughout the state.

Our products are engineered and manufactured specifically to withstand the harshest conditions, using only the very best materials sourced within Victoria. We trust in the strength and durability of our products because of our established production methods and strict Australian manufacturing standards.

On every project, we pride ourselves on delivering innovative precast concrete products and value-added service while setting new standards of professionalism, technical expertise, and quality.

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