Retaining Wall System

Retaining Wall System

  • Our retaining wall system utilises the L-Block design
  • Quickest retaining wall systems available
  • Very fast to install, saving you time and money and provides an instant visual effect to your project
  • Our system is ideal for walls that need to be constructed over easements or underground services because no - digging or drilling into the ground is needed.
  • Has a self-supporting design. The higher up the face you have the product or materials, the more the weight - of the product is sitting on the foot and supports the weight against the face.
  • They are available in a tapered or stepped configuration for a neat finish.
  • Multiple different face patterns and colours to choose from. Custom face design available – please feel - free to ask!
  • No footing or concreting required – only a compacted level base for the blocks to sit on.
  • They can be backfilled as soon as the blocks have been bolted together and sealed.
  • All blocks can be supplied with bolt together plates.
  • Custom sizing is available – ranging from 600mm to 2400mm high, 700mm to 1000mm foot, and 1000mm to 2400mm wide.
  • Corner blocks also available – 45 degrees, or 90 degrees.

What Is A Concrete Retaining Wall?

A retaining wall is any structure that provides additional support to the landscape around it, especially in areas with very steep slopes or soft soil. Having a retaining wall can protect you and your property from collapsing soil, erosion, and other kinds of damages. Because retaining walls become part of the landscape, they often have to marry both form and function—so not only do they have to be strong, they have to be aesthetically pleasing as well.

Here are some of the situations in which you might need a concrete retaining wall:

  • You’re performing major landscaping on a downhill slope
  • You want to create usable, level land on a sloped landscape
  • You want to protect your property against future landslides or erosions

While retaining walls can be made out of different kinds of materials like timber, steel, or stone, concrete is one of the most commonly used. Concrete retaining walls are known for their stability, durability, and quick installation. Vikon Precast uses high-quality L-Blocks for our retaining wall system.


L-Blocks are engineered concrete structures that are ideal for handling heavy loads coming from either side. This makes it perfect for use as a retaining wall in landscapes that need more support. Vikon Precast’s L-Blocks are 100% self-supporting, which means that you can have a long-lasting, force and damage-resistant retaining wall that will put your mind at ease.

These blocks are very easy to install. There’s no digging or drilling required, so you can get a retaining wall system installed at your home or property very quickly with very little downtime.

Features Of Concrete Retaining Walls

Concrete retaining walls are popular due to their durability and strength. The material is incredibly resistant to corrosion, heat, rot, rust, and harsh weather conditions. If installed properly by a skilled manufacturing company like Vikon Precast, you can expect it to be low-maintenance and cost-effective even in the long run.

We understand that your retaining wall needs to be beautiful as well as strong which is why we offer a wide range of face patterns and colours. You can also get a custom face design for a truly unique and eye-catching look. Our concrete retaining walls designs come in a variety of sizes, heights, patterns, and configurations.


Vikon Precast offers custom sizing for L-Blocks. Just contact us with your design requirements and sizing, and we will design the blocks to accommodate your needs. Our sizing parameters are:

  • Height: 0.6m to 2.4m
  • Foot: 0.7m to 1m
  • Width: 1m to 2.4m

We can also provide, at your request, corner blocks at 45 degrees or 90 degrees.



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