About Us

Vikon Precast is a family-owned and operated precast concrete manufacturer, supplying quality precast concrete products throughout Victoria.

Based in Bairnsdale, we are ideally placed to service clients on the east coast of Victoria, and throughout the whole state. Our products are designed by the people who use them, ensuring they are built to the highest standard, are user friendly, and are available at a competitive price.

They are strong, durable, and made specifically to withstand the harshest weather conditions, because all our products are made with steel reinforcing and mesh, and 40-50 MPA concrete. They are also easy to install, use and maintain.

Some of our products are also fully engineer approved, and heavily reinforced to the engineers’ requirements. Contact the friendly team from Vikon Precast to discuss the products and solutions we can provide you with, and we can provide any further information you may need.