Dairy Feed Troughs

Two Sided Feed Trough (DF24)

  • Ideal for dairy feeding situations – thick, solid side walls and base to handle any harsh treatment from the stock.
  • Provision for a hot wire through the centre of the troughs to stop the cattle getting in.
  • Heavily reinforced – using steel mesh and bar. Combining this reinforcing with 40MPA concrete, results in a very strong and sturdy product.
  • Cast-in lifting points for ease of placement.
  • Supplied in 2.4m sections.
  • 1.3 tonne per section (approx.)
  • Bolt together plates (optional)
  • Smooth concrete finish.

Trough Specifications

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Weight (approx)

2400mm (L)

1.3 tonne per section

Dairy Feed Troughs

Whether you are rearing dairy or beef cattle, there are few activities that are as fundamental as feed and water access. With such an important job, you want the most reliable agricultural fixtures available. All Vikon Precast concrete feed troughs, water troughs and civil fixtures are made with the highest quality materials, locally sourced and manufactured in Bairnsdale, Victoria. For field applications, high head count herds and ease of installation, nothing compares with a Vikon Precast dairy feed trough.

What Are Dairy Feed Troughs Used For?

Ideal for paddock, feeding station or shed, our dairy feed troughs are sized to allow stock to access feed from both sides, while being strong enough to resist warping or damage. Something to look out for in feed troughs is a smooth bottom and slightly sloped sides. This allows for feed to fall back within reach of cattle, and make sweeping out uneaten feed easier. All our feed troughs, water troughs and civil fixtures come are made with high grade reinforced concrete, heavy enough to discourage tampering or movement by cattle, and strong enough to retain shape and usefulness for years to come.

Features of Dairy Feed Troughs

The design of our farm site feed and water solutions is developed in collaboration with local farmers, allowing us to ensure our designs meet the needs and expectations of Australian farmers. With bolt together assembly, and at 2.4m, weighing 1.3 tonnes per section, you can build your dairy feed station to whatever length and capacity you need. Our dairy feed trough comes with competitive features including heavy duty materials, adaptability with hot wire cattle deterrent, and cast in lifting points.

Hard Wearing Construction

We understand the need for reliable, strong and resilient structures are in crucial livestock feed sites. All our concrete troughs are made using locally sourced 40 MPA concrete, and reinforced with steel mesh and bar. This makes our troughs a hardy, long term solution for any cattle rearing operation.

Hot Wire Adaptable

In the interest of avoiding injury and managing cattle behaviour, dairy feed troughs can be ordered with mounts for hot wire adaption. With hot wire fixtures in place, you will have one less thing to worry about when getting the herd fed.

Cast in Lifting Points

Weighing in at 1.3 tonnes, our trough panels are easily lifted by your yard’s forklift or tractor. To make manoeuvring easier, we cast in high load lift points that make lifting, alignment, and placement simple and safe.



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