Beef Feed Troughs

Flat Back Feed Troughs (BFB30)

  • Ideal for beef feedlot situations – thick, solid walls and base to handle any harsh treatment from the stock.
  • Provision for bolt-on fence system.
  • Heavily reinforced – using steel mesh and bar. Combining this reinforcing with 40MPA concrete, results in a - very strong and sturdy product.
  • Cast-in lifting points for ease of placement.
  • Supplied in 3 metre sections.
  • 1.9 tonne per section (approx.)
  • Bolt together plates (optional)
  • Smooth concrete finish.

Trough Specifications

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Weight (approx)

3000mm (L)

1.9 tonne per section

Beef Feed Troughs

On the farm when you invest in new fixtures, you want something that will last, something that can handle the abuse of your cattle, and something that does what it needs to do, every time. Unlike timber or hard plastic feed troughs, concrete feed troughs from Vikon Precast are strong and reliable enough to last for generations. Located in Bairnsdale, East Gippsland, we manufacture all our agricultural and civil concrete fixtures out of top quality locally sourced materials.

With smart design, cast in lifting points, and connectable ends, a Vikon Precast beef feed trough is the ideal livestock feed solution.

What Are Beef Feed Troughs Used For?

Beef feed troughs are sturdy fixtures that normally feature a u shape with a low side allowing calves and cattle to feed, and a high side to prevent feed spillage and waste. Because all herds are different, our feed troughs are designed for maximum flexibility.

Our troughs are supplied in 3m sections, weighing 1.9 tonne each. Combined with an open-ended design, cast in fixture points and cast in lifting points, it has never been simpler to assemble your feed trough as long or short as your circumstances demand.

Features Of Beef Feed Trough

For the best feed solutions, you are looking for a balance of adaptable design, and structurally strong materials. Our beef feed troughs include a number of handy features, including heavy duty construction, ability to install a bolt-on fence system, and cast in lifting points. All our designs are developed with close relationships with active livestock farms, ensuring our designs are relevant, useful and sturdy.

Heavy Duty Construction

When dealing with cattle feed systems, you want a trough that is strong enough to handle abuse, heavy enough not to move and be tampered with, and smoothed to avoid injury to stock. We use 40 MPA concrete in all our agricultural fixtures, reinforced with steel mesh and bar, our troughs have enough weight and strength to last decades. All concrete finishes feature rounded edges and smoothed surfaces to reduce abrasion and minimise stock injury.

Bolt On Fence System

To make installation of a complete feed solution faster, our design includes all the points and mounts required for a bolt on fencing system. This makes our troughs adaptable for both new builds and adapting to existing feed pens.

Cast In Lifting Points

Ideal for forklifts or tractors, with a relatively low tonnage of 1.9 tones, our cast in lifting points make installation, relocation and transport simple.



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