Cattle & Stock Grids

Cattle & Stock Grids

  • Engineered and certified to 20 tonne axle load rating.
  • Rated to VicRoads standards.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Animal friendly design.
  • The base of each section stops any weeds growing under the grid.
  • Heavily reinforced to engineers’ specifications – using steel mesh and bar. - Combining this reinforcing with 40 MPA concrete, results in a very strong and sturdy product.
  • Cast-in lifting points for ease of placement.
  • Supplied in 900mm sections – can join to make any width in 900mm increments.
  • 1.4 tonne per section (approx.)
  • Bolt together plates (optional)
  • Smooth concrete finish.
  • Optional end panels can be supplied if the grid is to be installed in the ground.
  • Optional fully engineered galvanised metal grid insert can be supplied.
  • Optional galvanised metal wing walls can be supplied.

Cattle & Stock Grids

If you have livestock to keep safe and are after an effective solution to stop stock wandering out of property boundaries, while at the same time maintaining an easy access point for vehicles and machinery to cross, then Vikon Precast cattle grids are your best solution.

Concrete Stock Grids, because of their strength, durability, and resilience to harsh elements and weather conditions, have been the most popular choice compared to other materials available. Our cattle grids have also been designed and constructed to the highest quality, giving you piece of mind of providing a safe transportation access for any vehicle, including heavy vehicles, while keeping your stock safely confined to your properties when needed.

At Vikon Precast, our cattle grids have been rated to Vic-Road standards and are engineered and certified to 20 tonne axle load rating, so you can be confident that your stock grid will bear the heaviest of loads.

Having worked with local farmers, we are aware of various size requirements of cattle grids according to different farmlands and their access planning, so we can offer you customised sizing. We supply our concrete cattle grids in 900mm sections which can be joined to make any width you require in 900mm increments.

Vikon Precast’s cattle grids are also known for being quick and easy to install with the cast in lifting points, providing ease of placement. We can also supply fully engineered galvanised metal grid insert and wingwalls, and concrete end panels can be supplied if the grid is to be installed in the ground.

Advantages of Vikon Precast’s stock grids:

  • Extremely durable and weather resistant
  • Allow for safe vehicle crossing
  • Quick and easy to install

Get your products delivered if you need, as we offer nationwide crane-truck delivery, and don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your unique cattle grid requirements.



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