Round Concrete Water Troughs

Round Concrete Water Troughs

  • Perfect for cattle – thick, solid side walls and base to handle any harsh treatment from stock. Smooth concrete finish.
  • 4-inch side outlet – allows fast, easy water drainage to assist trough cleaning, and maintaining fresh drinking water for the stock.
  • Heavily reinforced – using steel mesh and bar. Combining this reinforcing with 40MPA concrete, results in a very strong and sturdy product.
  • Ball float cover - (optional) the best feature of our troughs as it protects and stops your stock from breaking the ball float valve. No more wasted water! Also easy access to the ball float valve with the 5mm checker plate lid.
  • 1 ½ inch inlet, bottom or side fill. (Other sizes available on request)
  • Cast-in swift-lifters for ease of placement.
  • The trough can be supplied with a ball float valve set-up.

Trough Specifications

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Weight (approx)


1400mm (L) x 650mm (H)


675 Litres

2200mm (L) x 650mm (H)


1850 Litres

2740mm (L) x 800mm (H)


3570 Litres

Round Water Troughs

We live in a world of increasingly unpredictable weather and changing demands for livestock products. If you have ever had issues with damaged or leaky water troughs, you know the concern and worry when your valuable livestock are unexpectedly unable to access fresh drinking water. Vikon Precast are Gippsland’s favourite supplier of concrete water trough solutions.

Whether you are running a small farm, a commercial operation or have an idea that needs a strong water vessel, our concrete water troughs are made tough enough to take whatever punishment your livestock or the weather can throw at it.

What are round water troughs used for?

The water troughs we design are primarily used to provide clean drinking water for your livestock. Designs include heavy steel reinforcement and 40 MPA concrete, making our troughs strong and heavy enough to resist movement or lose their shape from livestock abuse. They are intended to resist all weather conditions, and are suitable for indoor, outdoor or paddock installation.

Round water troughs are useful for paddock and field applications. Designed for livestock access from all sides, these troughs can be filled from below or on the side, allowing you to take advantage of underground water piping and avoid pipe damage from livestock.

Features of Round Water Troughs

There are a number of features that make our concrete troughs the best solution for livestock water on your property.

Cattle Proof Design

We know how much abuse water troughs receive from cattle. We design our troughs with thick, reinforced concrete to prevent warping, cracking or movement. The edges are similarly designed to be smooth and rounded, preventing the cattle from hurting themselves when drinking.

Smart Water Inlet and Drainage

The inlet valve for water can be located on the side or bottom of the trough, and is compatible with 1 ½ inch piping for fast filling. Paired with easy to access side bungs of 4 inches, draining for trough cleaning and water refreshing is made easy. If you need special gauge inputs, just let us know.

Hansen Max-Flo Ball Float Options

Our troughs can be optioned with a full ball float setup, ball float cover, and install a hi-low pressure Hansen ball float valve. With the ball float setup, we will install the float valve, tap, poly elbows, fittings and reducers needed for your install site. All valve installs will be tread sealed to reduce any leaking or maintenance issues down the line.

We offer ball float covers that protect your valves from livestock damage, while remaining easy to access by lifting the 5mm checker plate lid. All ball float valves we install are Hansen Max-Flo’s. Considered the best ball float valve on the market, these can run on low and high pressure applications.



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