How To Increase the Lifespan of Concrete Retaining Walls

  Thursday 27th February, 2020

Concrete retaining walls are great – they’re durable, strong and incredibly resistant to corrosion, heat, rot, rust and harsh weather conditions. Whether for landscaping, building or general use, retaining walls are a super useful tool which, with simple maintenance, can withstand a lifespan spanning years!

At Vikon Precast, concrete runs in our family. We’ve been doing retaining walls since we can remember, but we’ve recently found a new use – concrete water troughs. More durable and efficient than usual livestock troughs, we’ve designed something we’re truly proud of. It’s strong; but to live to the best of its ability, it needs to be maintained well.

Bulging, cracking or leaning are your tell-tale signs that the wall isn’t holding up too well – and it’s important to catch the warning signs before your only option is a full replacement.

Water drainage:

Probably one of the most common reasons for retaining wall failure is soil saturated in water. As soil takes in the water, it expands, putting unneeded pressure on the wall. The easiest way to avoid this is adequate drainage. Directing the flow of water away from the designated area or helping with permeable soils such as crushed and pea gravel help alleviate this situation.
With our concrete troughs, ensuring that they are constantly being drained (as they should when they are cleaned) relieves this constant pressure on the structure.


As is most things things in life, you get what you pay for. Try to cheap out and you run a high risk of a botch job and unnecessary fees in the future. Cheap materials, a lack of reinforcement and shoddy mortar are all a recipe for disaster waiting to happen.

At Vikon Precast, we’ve been around for years and know exactly what works best for our customers, getting you the best results for the price you pay. Investing in better construction in the start is always going to pay off in the long run!


Communication is key when it comes to construction. Before we start, we need to know your exact plans with what you’re doing. If the wall we make isn’t suitable for your intended use, it is much more likely to buckle and give way.
At Vikon Presets, we take the added time out of our way to get to know you and exactly what you want from our jobs to know there’s no confusion in the future and you get the best product suited to your needs.


A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and a structure is only as strong as its foundation. Ensuring the soil is compact and the footing is secure enough will help ensure that things are kicked off on the right foot.

One top of this, a site evaluation is a necessity. The terrain, climate and soil properties must be looked at in detail by the installers to prevent problems in the future.

Get your retaining wall today!

Now that you know how to look after one, buying one will be a lot less stress. Check out what we offer and how we can give you the best service here!

If you’re interested in our new concrete water troughs, you can find out more about them here.