Double Sided Feed Troughs, Orbost VIC

Vikon Precast were approached by a Dairy Farmer to design a feeding solution using our Dairy Feed Troughs.**

The design requirements were to feed 300 cows directly out of the milking shed and another 180 cows to be fed in the paddock. With an allowance of 800mm per head with the double sided dairy feed troughs, we were able to obtain this with 50 feed troughs split into two lines near the milking shed and 30 feed troughs split into two lines in the paddock.

End panels were also installed at the end of each feed trough line to stop cows freely walking up the middle of the troughs. The area of the feed troughs near the milking shed was raised up 1 metre using our L Block retaining wall system. This was to allow the cow manure to be pushed off the end of the raised feeding area where it can be scooped up easily and spread.