What The Feed & Water Trough Rebate Means For You

  Friday 12th July, 2019

What is the On-Farm Drought Infrastructure Support Grant?

The On-Farm Drought Infrastructure Support Grant program was created by the Victorian Government to assist farms (being run for business purposes) in the shires of Wellington and East Gippsland to implement on-farm infrastructure, to improve their readiness for drought management. For eligible farms, a grant is available however farms must provide at least dollar for dollar matching funding co-contribution. This means the owner of the farm must show they can match the amount given through the grant to spend on new infrastructure. The minimum amount given through the grant is $1,000 and the maximum is $5,000. The grant includes optional Grant Infrastructure Planning Workshops which assists farmers understand how to best use their investment. So, would buying a concrete trough from Vikon Precast make you eligible for this grant?

How Our Concrete Feed Troughs Will Make You Eligible For The Grant

Our concrete feed troughs are made tough. They can handle abuse from your cattle and tough weather conditions, unlike timber or plastic troughs as they are made with high quality materials and steel reinforcement which leaves you with a trough which will last for decades. We have two types of concrete feed troughs, the beef feed trough and the dairy feed trough, both uniquely designed to suit your farm’s needs.

Purchasing our concrete feed troughs will not only make you eligible for the rebate, it will also be a wise and thoughtful business decision to prepare your farm for a long and successful future. This is because our concrete troughs place your farm in a better position for drought readiness and they are deemed by the Victorian Government as an upgrade to your feeding system. However, to remain eligible, you must apply and receive the grant before purchasing and installing our concrete troughs.

How Our Concrete Water Troughs Will Make You Eligible For The Grant

We also offer round and rectangular concrete water troughs for your farm. Our concrete water troughs are ideal for preparing your farm for a drought or other possible natural disasters as they won’t crack or leak and can take whatever punishment your livestock gives it.

Our round takes are ideal for providing clean drinking water to your livestock. They can be stored inside or outside and can be accessed by livestock from all sides. The troughs can also be filled from the side or below, meaning underground piping won’t be damaged by your livestock. Our concrete water troughs are deemed as drought-proofing infrastructure because, like our concrete feed troughs, they are considered a permanent repair to fixed infrastructure.

Ask Us About Our Concrete Troughs Today!

Live in Victoria and want to learn more about how our concrete troughs can improve your farm and make you eligible for a grant worth up to $5,000? Get in touch with us today and ask us any questions you have regarding the On-Farm Drought Infrastructure Support Grant or our agricultural or civil products.