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Being an own of livestock comes with responsibility. A general rule is: if the water doesn’t look visually clean enough for you yourself to drink, you shouldn’t expect them to drink it either. Just like we clean what we eat and drink out of, your cattle need the same – and they don’t have the same access to a dishwasher!

Algae growth in water troughs:

A readily available source of fresh water is essential to keeping your livestock fit and healthy. However, one of the biggest threats to your animals’ health is algae. Although a small amount is okay, letting it get out of control could make them seriously sick. Algae largely occurs by poor management, letting your water trough go for extended periods of time without a proper clean.

Keeping birds, bugs and insects away from the troughs

The second most common problem we perceive is other things inhabiting and taking water from your livestocks trough. These could include birds, bugs and insects. A big threat is mosquitoes, of which we have over 300 species in Australia and they carry a large number of viruses and illnesses which can be passed on to your livestock. They thrive in stagnant water, so following these next few tips is essential to keeping your animals out of harms way.

Cleaning and Prevention:

For general cleaning, you want to make sure that you follow a few easy steps – ensuring your precious livestock remain in good health.


The best way to start to clean is to drain the water from the water trough and scrub it with a hard-bristled brush. This can be done with regular soap or the natural alternative, apple cider vinegar, which is harmless and even beneficial for your animal. A high-pressure hose can also be used in order to loosen the gunk off before scrubbing.


Ensuring the basin is clean is the first step to keeping insects and animals out. When draining the water, it’s important that you feed it away from your trough into a drainage system so that stagnant pools of water do not form in the paddock, creating breeding grounds for insects.

If there are any dead animals within the water, ensure that the water is changed as soon as possible, as it could lead to severe health complications.

Keeping them away:


The best way to fight future algal growth is countering it with shade. Depriving the algae of sunlight drastically stunts their reproduction, rendering them a lot easier to tackle.


To stop more bugs from occupying the trough in the future, the water should be changed regularly. For bugs such as mosquitoes, the incubation period is 4 days. Providing an alternative bird bath nearby for birds keeps them away, and your water fresher.

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