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Concrete Stock Troughs

A leader in the Victoria concrete manufacturing industry, Vikon Precast creates solid solutions for the residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors. Our company is proud of our established production methods and strict adherence to Australian manufacturing standards. We offer a wide range of concrete products including water troughs, feed troughs, stock grids, loading ramps, silage bunkers, shed panels, and retaining wall systems.

Cattle Troughs

Studies have shown that livestock grow faster and healthier when they have a steady supply of high-quality drinking water and feed. Troughs increase your animals’ access to these and are an invaluable addition to any farm.

A cattle trough is a watering point or feeding receptacle meant for livestock, or animals. These troughs are placed outdoors and therefore need to be sturdy enough to handle wear and tear from both the animals and the harsh weather conditions.

Types Of Concrete Troughs

Dairy Feed Troughs

Dairy feed troughs are built to encourage healthy and regular eating habits of your cattle. The trough design features thick, solid side walls with a smooth finish, ensuring they are not harmful to your stock. We reinforce our dairy feed troughs with steel mesh and steel bars to create a strong and sturdy product that will not crack under general use. Each feed trough can be bolted together using a 10mm galvanized locking plate to ensure the feed troughs stay in line if bumped with a tractor or feed cart.

To protect both your cattle and the feed, our troughs come with provisions for a hot wire that you can run through the centre. This will effectively stop the cows from getting into the feed trough and trampling or hogging the feed.

Beef Feed Troughs

Like our dairy feed troughs, Vikon Precast’s Flat Back Feed Troughs are heavily-reinforced concrete troughs perfect for beef feedlot situations. With the high side, farmers can fill feed troughs faster and waste less feed because the feed hits the higher side wall rather than spilling out of the feed trough. These feed troughs also have provisions for a bolt-on fence system so the troughs can become part of the fence, and then be filled from outside of the pen or paddock holding the livestock. These feed troughs can also be bolted together using a 10mm galvanised locking plate.

Rectangle Water Troughs

Our rectangle water troughs can hold up to 860 litres of water within its solid rectangular walls. We make it easy for you to clean out by including a 4-inch brass outlet, to drain the water fast. We also include the 1 ½ inch inlet as standard on the side, or we can also cast it into the base to create even more of a stock-proof trough. We can also supply legs for the trough, which allows easier installation, and we can supply a Ball Float Cover to protect the Ball Float Valve. Vikon Precast also offers the Hansen Max-Flo Ball Valve, an innovative low-pressure ball float valve that has an output of 570 litres per minute at medium pressure, ensuring that your stock always have fresh, quality water to drink from.

Round Water Troughs

Vikon Precast round water troughs come in two capacities—a 675-litre trough and an 1850-litre trough. Both have the 1 ½-inch brass inlets and 4-inch brass outlets, and have thick solid side walls and base. The larger trough can also come with a ball float cover with an Easy-Lift Lid, and ball float setup if you desire. The cover will ensure the ball float valve is not knocked off or broken by livestock, yet it is still easy to access and clean this area of the trough.

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Water and feed troughs are an integral part of keeping your stock happy and healthy. Vikon Precast’s stock troughs are some of the best on the market with unparalleled reinforcing and smart design. Enquire about our stock troughs on 1800 768 364 or and find out more about the designs of our excellent concrete products.