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Rectangle Concrete Water Troughs

Rectangle Concrete Water Troughs

At Vikon Precast we understand the trouble that livestock cause themselves on a daily basis. They damage their shelters, wander into ditches, tangle in fences and generally destroy most fixtures that keep them happy, healthy and safe. We understand this, so we engineer our precast concrete agricultural fixtures with steel reinforcement and innovative designs so that your investments are tough, resilient and functional enough to handle the daily stresses of the farm.

For your fresh water trough solutions, we have a range of square, rectangular and round water troughs with built in refill mechanisms and sturdy, stock-proof construction.

What are Rectangle Water Troughs Used For?

Equally suited for placement along fence lines and walls as in paddock purposes, our rectangular concrete troughs are designed strong to resist damage from cattle and other livestock, while featuring incorporated water access and smooth exteriors.

We use a heavy-duty 40 MPA concrete that is reinforced with a steel rebar mesh to ensure durability in the face of anything the weather or your stock can throw at it. Part of the design includes a ball float refill valve, located within a concrete shroud that comes with either a steel or concrete lid. This, along with optional side or bottom water inlets, keeps water sources tamper proof, and ensures access to clean drinking water continues.

Features of Rectangular Water Troughs

When you buy a Vikon Precast concrete water trough, you know we only use the highest quality materials, sourced locally, and assembled in Bairnsdale, Victoria. Designed for cattle, our rectangular troughs boast features including rounded cornering and smoothed finish, mounting legs, ball float covers, or a full ball float valve set up.

Simple Filling and Draining

To make drainage easy, our troughs are all installed with a 4 inch end outlet. This ensures quick drainage for trough cleaning and water refreshing. The water inlet can be located either on the side or bottom of the trough, with a 1 ½ inch inlet pipe for rapid refilling.

Mounting Legs

For easy installation, our rectangular troughs are mounted on concrete legs. This makes installation much easier with only two points that need to be installed on levelled ground. Raising the trough on legs makes bottom filling easier, allowing a tamper proof water set up.

Ball Float Cover

One of the most valuable parts of the troughs design, the ball float cover protects the ball float valve from stock tampering. Simply lift off the concrete or steel checking plate at the top for access and maintenance.

Ball Float Valve Set-Up

For all ball float installations, we use Hansen Max-Flo valves. Operatable at high and low pressure, these valves can provide 570 litres per minute @ 29 PSI (low pressure). All our set ups include the float valve, tap, poly elbows and risers, sealed threads, and reducers and fittings required.

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Vikon Precast are the trusted name in heavy duty agricultural fixtures in the Gippsland region. If you need a water trough solution that can handle everything your stock and the weather can throw at it, call Vikon Precast today.